A game-changing element of IFCR's approach to developing and supporting Collaborative Divorce professionals is our inclusion of one-on-one and small group coaching to help practitioners develop both internal and external skills to effectively live into what they learn in Collaborative Divorce training sessions.  

Unfortunately, many well-meaning professionals like the idea of Collaborative Divorce and attend an Introductory training to learn the process, but are never able to make Collaborative Divorce a meaningful part of their professional work.  As we teach in our trainings, the single most important - and also most elusive - ingredient to being a successful Collaborative Divorce practitioner is an internal paradigm shift.  Not only that, but effective practitioners also must have the personal skills and self-awareness to stay grounded and supportive of their clients and the Collaborative process, even in the midst of the stress and conflict that almost always occur with divorce.

IFCR provides two types of coaching to Collaborative Divorce professionals to help them succeed in making Collaborative a meaningful and profitable part of their business:  Developmental Coaching and Performance Coaching.  

Developmental Coaching

In short, Developmental Coaching closes the critical gap between knowing what needs to be done, and actually doing what needs to be done in an effective and lasting way.  

Developmental Coaching focuses on developing the personal skills and presence needed to be effective, with self-awareness, self-regulation, and communication skills being foundational.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is about developing a specific set of skills and competencies.  IFCR provides coaching services to Collaborative Divorce professionals of all three disciplines who are struggling with how to perform well in certain areas of their professional Collaborative Divorce practice.  

Examples of areas where Performance Coaching can help include: 

  • Conducting initial consultations so that clients hire you
  • Helping Financial Neutrals create clear and helpful financial reports in ways that non-financial people can understand
  • Teaching Coaches how to effectively screen for clients' likely ability to engage in the Collaborative process.  


"Thank you for all your expertise - pleasure learning from you."

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