Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training

Come learn an innovative approach to help your clients divorce in a kinder, less acrimonious process that puts the needs and interests of the family first.  

This training helps attorneys, financial professionals, and mental health professionals discover a practical, problem-solving approach to navigate divorce with greater satisfaction.  The curriculum is pragmatic and interactive, with a "teach-demonstrate-practice" approach, using a sample Collaborative Divorce from start to finish as a working example.  

Highlights include:

  • Experience the specific steps and flow of a typical Collaborative Divorce case, from initial client consultations with each profession to the achievement of a mutual acceptable durable resolution.
  • Gain practice and feedback through role play and experiential opportunities. 
  • Learn the role each profession plays and the importance of a well-functioning Collaborative team.
  • Explore how and why the Collaborative process works for divorcing families.
  • Discover how to begin marketing the Collaborative message to potential clients.

This training meets the standards of and has been approved by the International Academy of Collaborative Practitioners. 

Beyond the Basics: Additional Learning to Grow Your Collaborative Practice

The most successful Collaborative practitioners invest in on-going professional development.  IFCR offers a variety of workshops aimed at Collaborative professionals interested in taking their practice to the next level.  Sample of trainings:

A Deep Dive into How We Understand and Live into Our Roles as Collaborative Professionals

  • Learn the importance of playing your role and how doing so contributes to the success of the clients and team.
  • Explore ways that Collaborative professionals from each discipline can over and under function in their roles and the impact on the clients, the team, and ultimately, the case.
  • Discover how to give and receive constructive feedback from other team members and adapt accordingly.

Financial Narratives: Understanding How Psychological Narratives About Money Affect Collaborative Divorce Clients and Professionals

  • Learn about money scripts and why they matter.
  • Explore the use of money scripts to help meet clients where they are and provide the support they need to achieve financial settlement. 
  • Discover how unconscious biases about money influences interactions with clients and team members.

Advanced Tools for Preventing and Addressing Impasse

  • Learn to identify and address when professional team members contribute to impasse. 
  •  Explore the challenges of ineffective negotiation techniques and how to constructively diffuse them.
  • Discover ways to prepare clients for flexibility in decision-making.  

Navigating the Challenges of Neutrality in Collaborative Divorce

  • Learn to identify and diffuse client "splitting" of the other professionals.  
  • Explore impartiality and managing the "needy" client.
  • Discover tools that aid in effectively maintaining neutrality with clients. 

When and How to Modify the Collaborative Process

  • Learn to identify when a modification to the process is beneficial and when it is not.
  • Explore ways to change the process that contribute to success and client satisfaction.
  • Discover modifications that can make Collaborative Divorce more affordable and accessible to your clients.

I Am Collaboratively Trained, Now What? - Effectively Marketing for Your Collaborative Practice

  • Learn effective techniques for discussing Collaborative Divorce with prospective clients.  
  • Explore how to mine your network in bite-sized increments and share the message of Collaborative practice.  
  • Discover ideas for convincing the reluctant spouse to embrace the Collaborative Process.   


"This workshop was one of the most engaging and efficiently run workshops...

...I have ever attended.  The speakers were not only passionate about the topic, but they were excellent at delivering their message.  Not a minute was wasted.  I walked away with the knowledge I need to get started working as a Collaborative Divorce Coach in only two days!"

"I completely enjoyed the training...

...your training allowed us to see the perspective of the different professionals as well as gain an understanding from the clients' view.  I'm leaving enthusiastic and motivated to put my skills to practice.  Thank you!"